Contact Impro

Of course this spring we continue our sweet journey into the dance of TOUCH, CONNECTION, SHARING & CREATION...
The by now well known CONTACT IMPRO CLASS!

This continuous class is open to dancers and lovers of movement & contact of all ages (starting from +- 20) and ALL LEVELS! Everybody is invited to share their experiences, to inspire and get inspired, to lead ánd to follow, to listen ánd to flow and to learn from each other.

New to the work of Contact Impro?
In this course we discover and research in a playfull way the very diverse movement possibilities within the world of Contact Improvisation. The basis of this improvised contemporary partner dance iis physcial touch, contact & connection. Through both explorative and technical exercises, learning and researching pathways we learn to understand the most essential principals important to dancing in Contact! Think off connection, listening, leading & following, working with gravity, different points of conact, sharing weight and lifting.
 Contact Improvisation can be, depending of the moment and connection of the couple or group of dancers, sensitive, still, expressive, creative and even acrobatic.

Monday's from 9th of April - 11th of June. 21:00-22:30
€120,- for the full course
€220,- Combi Package with Creative Contemporary (monday's 18:30-20:00)

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