Creative Dance & Movement


Moving with curiosity, in freedom and towards movement development and authentic artisticity!

Can I join if have no or little experience with contemporary dance? Yes!

Is it then still interesting when I have a lot of experience with dancing? Yes!

So, for what type of dancers is this course made then?
For Every Body that is curious about dancing and movement and and wishes to explore their own dance & movement developement!

Still wondering if this dance is for you?

  • Do you love dancing, moving and being playfull?

  • Are you looking for creativity in dance rather then achievement and a learning steps only?
  • Would you love to dance but you maybe think you’re not good enough?
  • Are you longing to dance but you think it is too late learn?
  • Are you not too much fund of the technical part of contemporary dance only?
  • Would you like to feel more freedom in learning dance moves, techniques and qualities?
  • Or are you more interested in understanding and expanding the bodies movement abilities?

That is where my creative approach of Contemporary Dance comes in!

In this course we work with my Creative Movement Research Method that travels through different stages of movement: Awareness – Understanding – Exploration – Expression & Creation.

So, how does a class look like then?

I am inviting you to start moving from Awareness.
How is my body feeling at this moment, what does it need, how can I move right now with what ever my body is capable of?

For this way of warming up our bodies and minds into the dance we work with mindful and movement exercises.

Then we want to get an Understanding of how our body fuctions in movement.
How can I arrange my body within certain principals, material and movement qualities?
This stage has both an explorative and technical component. Even when we do learn new movements or movement routines, you as a individual dancer are invited to research it sensitively. We don’t do movements just for the sake of doing them in a certain form. We want to learn and gain movement qualities from the movements we do!

With the basics of these more technical understandings of the body we can start to play!.
In the Exploration phase, with dive into the movement theme with our imagination and explore the movement possibilities we have in a more free form. This YOUR dance!
What is MY experience and curiosity within this theme, what movements come up to me?

After having explored YOUR CURIOUSITY and MOVABILITY in a certain theme/technique/quality, we dive a littly deeper into the form in what your discovered movement can be expressed in your way. Individually, in couples or in groupwork.

And then we are ready to create something new and authentic out of the material that we have worked on. Time to share what we have discovered, embodied and created!

And now breefly?

Creative Contemporary is an approach of Modern Dance in what we combine choreograpy with movement research and expression and freedom in movement. We become aware of our movement, we explore our movement, we learn new movements and we create new movements.
We discover and create our own dance language, supported with contemporary dance techniques.


Monday 9th of April - 11th of June, 18:30 - 20:00
No class on the 30th of april & 21st of may (holidays)

€130,- Full course Creative Contemporary Dance

€220,- Combi Package with Contact Impro (monday's 21:00-22:30)